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Re: booting NetBSD on verdex

Hi! Arthur,

From: Arthur Accroc <arthur.accroc1%gmail.com@localhost>
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 2009 11:35:19 +0200

> i'm trying to use NetBSD on gumstix (verdex, netwifimicrosd),
> when booting i got the following error :
> ...
> pxamci0: couldn't start dma xfer. (error=14)
> ld0f: error writing fsbn 16 of 16-19 ...
> ld0f: error writing fsbn ...
> ...

Can you show result of fdisk/disklabel?

> i've make a fsck_ffs of ld0f and nothing is wrong on it, i've
> re-formatted the microSD card (2G), but same issue.

Do you have other microSD?
My verdex was not able to treat cheap microSD. I am using macroSD of
SanDisk now.


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