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Re: bad dir ino 4 at offset 80: mangled entry

>This is fine advice. However, one of the reasons that developers have
>avoided Cygwin is that our build process runs very slowly there (high
>fork overhead in Cygwin/Windows, I believe). When I've been developing
>on a Windows host, I've found it faster to install NetBSD/i386 in a
>virtual machine (even qemu) and do a build hosted there.

I didn't know that about Cygwin; thanks for the info!  But clearly we have
some ARM developers that want to build on Cygwin, since this is the second
time this has come up.  I still think there's value in getting this problem
solved.  I guess the issue now is whether or not individual developers have
the time to solve this problem, or they find installing a VM easier.


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