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Re: Embedded NETBSD Driver Devolpment


i am working on bsp development for SmartPhone. i want to know how to
develop a bsp on NETBSD.

in Smartphone, we have multimedia processor. multimedia processor includes
ARM along with DSPs(e.g. audio,video, graphics accelerator ....).

i have developed BSP for Smartphone on WindowsMobile. in windows mobile, we
used to install platfrom builder on windows xp machine. we develop/compile
our BSP in platform builder. after making image in platform builder, we
transfer that image to our smartphone through USB.

i am very new to NETBSD.
So how to do similar things on NETBSD. i mean what to install and how to go


KunalGoel wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am new to NETBSD. I want to develop Device drivers for ARM processor. I
> have  some queries regarding the same. Please help me:
> 1. What will be the devolpment environment on my desktop?  Do i need to
> install NETBSD for i386, Linux or my windows will work fine?
> 2. How to proceed for the same? i mean if NETBSD which release,if Windows
> or linux then how to start? 
> 2. Is there any IDE for the same?
> Please help me.
> Thanks & Regards,
> Kunal

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