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Re: question on binary emulation of linux on netbsd/arm ports

On Jan 11, 2009, at 1:26 PM, M. Warner Losh wrote:

In message: <50799AEE-BCCA-4C6F-9CD4-0CF281DD7447%shagadelic.org@localhost>
           Jason Thorpe <thorpej%shagadelic.org@localhost> writes:
: I don't see why... One OS is for the Mac, one for the iPhone.  They
: both share some significant pieces, but there are also some
: differences (APIs not available on but available on the other, etc.).

Much like NetBSD and OpenBSD are both BSD under the covers, but there
are some important differences?  Or much like NetBSD and Linux are
Unix-like operating systems?

Neither. In your two examples, neither OS shares a common software stack.

Mac OS and iPhone OS are both based on Darwin and share some common frameworks. However, some of those frameworks have some of the APIs removed on iPhone OS as compared to Mac OS, some have additional / different functionality on iPhone OS as compared to Mac OS, and iPhone OS has a different application framework (UIKit) than Mac OS (AppKit).

-- thorpej

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