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Re: -current: tsrtc not attaching on TS7200

>1. The kernel produced by the TS7200_INSTALL doesn't actually seem to
>include the installer. I suspect that must exist in a MFS somehow but
>I don't know how to make one of these.
>2. How do we gzip the kernel and attach the gunzip code to decompress
>and load it.

The easiest way to do these things?  Use build.sh to create a release
(./build.sh -m evbarm .... release)  The necessary files will appear under
${OBJ}/distrib.  Takes a while, though.

The more complicated steps?

1) Create a filesystem image and use mdsetimage to place it in the INSTALL
   kernel.  You can see what this entails by looking at the Makefiles under
   distrib/evbarm and distrib/common.
2) Take the netbsd-whatever.bin file (created via the kernel build),
   gzip -9 it, and use "cat" to simply prepend the necessary file from
   /usr/mdec (it's something like gzboot_xx_TS7200 - the correct one should
   be obvious).  E.g., "cat /usr/mdec/gzboot... netbsd-wd0.bin > kernel.gz".
   THAT gzipped image is what should be placed into flash.  If you're
   cross-building, the gzboot file will appear under ${OBJ}/destdir.evbarm.

BTW, am I the only one who doesn't like the fact that the process to
create the gzboot images is hardwired to the name of the kernel?  It kind
of sucks when you want to build a custom kernel that is NOT named TS7200,
for example.  Yeah, I can do it by hand, but it still kinda sucks.


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