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Re: TS7200_INSTALL kernel problem solved - kernel too big!


Here is the output of the command you wanted.

server10# nm netbsd | sort | tail
00000000c07e3474 B vic2_intr_enabled
00000000c07e3478 B todr_handle
00000000c07e347c B isa_chipset_tag
00000000c07e350c B isaio_ex
00000000c07e3510 B isamem_ex
00000000c07e3514 A __bss_end__
00000000c07e3514 A __end__
00000000c07e3514 A _bss_end__
00000000c07e3514 A _end
00000000c07e3514 A end

Patrick Collins
+61 419 712 581

2008/12/12 Ken Hornstein <kenh%cmf.nrl.navy.mil@localhost>:
>>Following is the kernel configuration file that I have tried using
>>CURRENT. I think I have disabled everything I possibly can but it
>>still drops to the debugger when I attempt to load it.
> So ... on the kernel you build from this config file ... can you do
> the following?  (Substitute "netbsd" for whatever kernel you are loading.
> Do this on the actual kernel binary, NOT the s-record version).
> % nm netbsd | sort | tail
> And post the output?  I'll try building a kernel, but it's going to take
> a while.  And is this the TS7200_INSTALL kernel, or just the TS7200?
> --Ken

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