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Re: TS-7200: time sync issues

>That is correct -- the while() loop from my low-level bootrom of the 
>TS-7200 (that prints the RTC date on startup) is this:
>                while((PEEK8(RTCDATA) & 0x80) != 0 && i < 1000000) i++;
>I'm not sure why anyone would want to wait to update the time the exact 
>instant time is being updated by the RTC. 

I perused the FreeBSD sources, just as a santity check (their mc146818
driver is based on the NetBSD one) and I see they had the correct handling
of that bit from the initial import.  In recent sources they've refactored
everything and now don't use it (they just disable RTC updates when
setting the clock).  I'll try some sample code to fix this tonight.


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