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Re: TS-7200: time sync issues

>You should never see more than one of these messages, and that at
>startup.  Once it does the initial slew of the phase since it has
>estimated the proper frequency, the system clock should be running
>within a few ppm of the reference system.
>The problem is that NTP's algorithm assumes that the initial clock
>frequency error on the system is within ~128ppm of the reference

I'm sorry if this wasn't clear ... but the problem seems to be within
the settimeofday() (or perhaps clock_settime()) function.  Once ntpd
gets "lucky" and gets the clock within 128ms, it's happy.  Right now
my TS-7200 box has been up for over a day without any time steps, and
ntptime shows a frequency of -51 ppm.


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