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Re: NetBSD and TS-7200

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Patrick Collins <normalbloke%gmail.com@localhost> wrote:
>I would really like to get NetBSD running on my TS-7200 but am not
>having any success with any of the versions I have tried. I am finding
>all of the varios installation, binary, kernel, gzip, etc files very
>confusing. My preference would be to get 4.0.1 running but I have not
>been able to so far. My latest attempt was with 3.1.1 and I received
>the following error. Does anyone on this list have any experience that
>could help me get started here.

Init dying with signal 12 means that it is trying to execute a missing
syscall. Is your userland more recent than your kernel? To debug this
you can add a print statement in the syscall handling code to print
the syscall number it is executing, so that you can find out which syscall


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