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Re: NetBSD on the Kurobox Pro

KIYOHARA Takashi wrote:
I put source and diff at today.

Also you can use

Put to sys/arch/evbarm/compile/u-boot-mkimage.sh

  Marvell>> bootp $default_kernel_addr netbsd.img
  Marvell>> bootm

    * $default_kernel_addr is Linux's load address or appropriate address.

You can config/build sys/arch/evbarm/KUROBOX_PRO or DNS323.
Using your files above, I was able to get the KB/PRO to boot using NFS. The build was pretty painless once I got a set of source files that would build. I eventually used a date of 20080819-UTC for the cvs checkout, but had to manually download the three files from sys/dev/pci:
pcidevs (v 1.947), pcidevs.h(v 1.948), and pcidevs_data.h (v 1.947)
It seems like the changes to these three files (well, really just the pcidevs file, since the other two are generated from that one) could be committed now, since it's just a list of the pci devices. What do you think? It would make building a little simpler, since we wouldn't have to worry about other changes to the pcidev file that breaks the diff patch.

The KB/PRO seems to be running pretty well, though I haven't done extensive testing. At least, I haven't had any unexplainable crashes or hangups. One thing I notice is that the red error light flashes on the front 6 times, pauses, then repeats. Doesn't seem to do that when running Debian.

I'm a little confused by u-boot-mkimg.sh. I created an image using the compiled netbsd, and the KB/PRO would load it, but then it kept looking for an initrd.buffalo file, so I'm not sure what I was supposed to do. Incidentally, since I'm building on Linux, I had to use the objdump and objcopy in tools/bin to get the script to run correctly.

Thanks for your help (and the files). If you, or anyone else, has a little more light to throw out on creating images and what to do with them, I eagerly await.

Regards, Don

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