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how to build root filesystem for ixp425


I am trying to build a root filesystem using the mini guide at http://people.freebsd.org/~cognet/freebsd_arm.txt but with no luck for IXP425. Just to clarify some things :

When i am doing a buildworld inside /usr/src all these env variables inside the mini guide must be exported ?
What about BUILD_ARCH ? By default i am building a filesystem at a i386 machine so BUILD_ARCH has the i386 value.

I am using Freebsd 7.0 and i also have seen the wiki for AVILA but i got the same Makefile.inc1 error for setting TARGET_ARCH (even though i am setting TARGET_ARCH=arm)
I have build the kernel which is loaded fine but when the root filesystem is mounted via NFS i get : exec /sbin/init : error 8 , so i think that maybe the root filesystem i 've built is not right.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best Regards,


Stavros Markou
Senior Software Engineer
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