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OMAP2/ARM1136 cache aliasing issue

Hi all,

I have an H4/OMAP2420/ARM1136r0p2 board. The data cache is 32k/4way
cache line size is 32 bytes. I bumped into a memory corruption bug, where
a 4 byte location of the kernel code segment got corrupted. This can't be
the result of a stray pointer store since pages containing code are read
only leading to an exception when a store is attempted to such an address.
(I also set a hardware memory write breakpoint at the given address but it
never triggered).

The bug is easily reproducible, happens always at the same place with
the same value and I narrowed it down to 5 instructions. I can't trigger
at the first instruction to see as the bug happens, I can only trigger at
the last one when I detect the corruption. I read the data cache tags and
TLB content with CP15 instructions both before and after the 5 instructions.
There is (of course) no store to the code segment location which is corrupted,
still I see the relevant cache line getting dirtied as the result of these
5 instructions. Storing occurs only to a different address but the value
stored matches with the value at the corrupted location. Also the two virtual
addresses (the one being stored to and the one getting corrupted) have the
same cache index, but the physical addresses are different. The mapping for
the address being stored to is 4k the mapping for the corrupted address is 64k

Following are the 5 instructions leading to the corruption. There are no
interrupts or exceptions during its execution:

r0: 82df050c
sp: 82e17e14
ip: 82e17e14

8045fdc4:       e59f302c        ldr     r3, [pc, #44]   ; 8045fdfc
8045fdc8:       e92dd800        stmdb   sp!, {fp, ip, lr, pc}
8045fdcc:       e24cb004        sub     fp, ip, #4
8045fdd0:       e24dd010        sub     sp, sp, #16
8045fdd4:       e50b0014        str     r0, [fp, #-20]  ; 82e17dfc


Relevant mappings:

VA:82e17000 ->  PA:83cda000    4k, outer write-back, no allocate on write,
                                   supervisor read/write
VA:80450000 ->  PA:80450000   64k, outer write-back, no allocate on write,

Before corruption:

8045fdfc:       e1a0c00d        mov     ip, sp

Cache line 0xef (for both 8045fdfc and 82e17dfc):

83cdac05 83cc0c01 83d19c01 83cf5c01

That is the first way valid and dirty the rest valid and clean.

After corruption:

8045fdfc:       82df050c                <- corrupted
82e17dfc:       82df050c                <- correctly stored

Cache line 0xef:

8045fc05 83cdac01 83d19c01 83cf5c01

A new cache tag for 8045fdfc is added and dirtied and the one for
82e17dfc(PA:83cdadfc) got cleaned as the result of one read from 8045fdf8
and subsequent stores to the range 82e17dfc..82e17e10 whereas as far as I
understand the first tag should've been added with clean state and the
second tag should've remained as-is.

Is this some kind of undocumented aliasing issue or am I just missing

Sorry for the long explanataion and thanks in advance for any hints,

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