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Re: GCC 4.1.2 for ARM (in NetBSD 4) produces buggy code with-fno-strict-aliasing?

Mån 2008-06-23 klockan 23:21 +0900 skrev Izumi Tsutsui:
> > By manually compiling wi.o and removing optimization options from the
> > command line, I noticed that removing -fno-strict-aliasing causes the
> > buggy code to be replaced with more reasonable code:
> I think the real problem is -fregmove, which is enabled by -O2.
> With -fno-regmove, it generates:
> ---

Thanks. This makes more sense than -fno-strict-aliasing. I compiled a
kernel with -fno-regmove, and it seems to run without crashing.


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