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Re: CVS commit: src/sys/arch/arm/ep93xx

> HAMAJIMA Katsuomi wrote:
>> Thanks, Chris.
>>> However, the issue is actually the default gcc mode is an arm processor 
>>> without umull.  The kernel config should add:
>>> makeoptions     CPUFLAGS="-march=armv4 -mtune=arm9"
>>> Or perhaps that should be in files.ep93xx.  It would then benefit the 
>>> whole kernel.
>> I revise epclk.c and files.ep93xx, and Armadillo-9 worked.
> Has it made any obvious performance differences?  Never sure it an 
> optimized cpuflags kernel helps dramatically or not.

Hi Chris,

I measured it from start to end of initarm() by Timer3. Clock source
is 508kHz, and timer value is count down. I measured three times each,
but values were same.

without -march=armv4 -mtune=arm9
UINT_MAX - timer3val = 141229

with -march=armv4 -mtune=arm9
UINT_MAX - timer3val = 137918


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