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Re: panic: pmap_map_chunk: no L2 table for VA 0xc0400000

Donald T Hayford wrote:
Donald T Hayford wrote:
Matt Thomas wrote:

On May 7, 2008, at 7:29 PM, Donald T Hayford wrote:

hamajima%nagoya.bug.gr.jp@localhost wrote:
panic: pmap_map_chunk: no L2 table for VA 0xc0400000

This panic is kernel virtual address mismatch. You need to rewrite the
following to the same values.

#define KERNEL_BASE 0x80000000


options KERNEL_BASE_EXT=0xc0000000
to sys/arch/evbarm/conf/std.nslu2

The slug successfully booted, but failed during ifconfig. If it matters, I'm running a 4.99.62 kernel with a 4.99.60 world.
I built a thumb drive with a 4.99.62 world. Still didn't boot. I successfully booted a 4.99.60 kernel using this same thumb drive, so the problem wasn't a difference between world and the kernel, or with the thumb drive itself.


See Matt Thomas' message Re: Why KERNEL_BASE is 0x80000000?. I uploaded current and rebuilt. The NSLU2 now boots successfully.

Thanks - Don

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