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sh dumps core


I'm using the recent matt-armv6 tree to work with OMAP2 platform.
However the last snapshots within at least last week produce sh coredump at init.

More deeper.

/sbin/init.c (at line ~1660):
        /* Run the makedev script to create devices */
        switch ((pid = fork())) {
        case 0:
                (void)dup2(2, 1);       /* Give the script stdout */
                if (chdir("/dev") == 0)
                        (void)execl(INIT_BSHELL, "sh",
                            access("./MAKEDEV", X_OK) == 0
                                ? "./MAKEDEV" : "/etc/MAKEDEV",
                            "-MM", "init", NULL);
                /* NOTREACHED */

        case -1:

                if (waitpid(pid, &status, 0) == -1)
>>>>>>                if (status != 0) {
                        errno = EINVAL;

The shell produces coredump here (status = 0x86).

May be am I miss something? My /dev contains only fd and altq empty directories and MAKEDEV* as well.
And I'm using the serial console to see output of the system.

Thank you.

WBR, Andy Shevchenko

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