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Re: pxa2x0_gpio_intr_establish equivalent for StrongARM

rtos%rogers.com@localhost wrote:
>Does the StrongARM SA1110 port support interrupts on gpios 12 - 27? I am
>probably missing something because this cpu has been the tree for years.
>I want to do exactly what pxa2x0_gpio_intr_establish does. Decided to
>check here before I reinvent the wheel. 

I have had code to do this, but never checked it in as it made some changes
to the rest of the SA11x0 interrupt handling code. I added an extra handler
function for interrupts from GPIOs which cleared the GPIO before calling the
MI handler. It worked fine with a couple of different Ethernet controllers
hung connected to the chained GPIOs.

I'm in the process of reworking the SA11x0 interrupt code on a branch, but
will have a look at whether my older stuff will still build on current. 

Robert Swindells

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