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Re: X server on NetBSD/shark 4.0: protocol wskbd, legacy driver

On Thu, Jan 24, 2008 at 09:45:55AM -0500, Michael wrote:
> I think I know what's wrong - our PS/2 keyboard driver identifies itself as 
> an XT keyboard but in event mode ( reading from /dev/wskbd* ) it translates 
> AT extended scancodes ( that's more or less every key that's present on an 
> AT keyboard but not an XT one ) to not-really-standard single byte codes 
> which the kbd driver in X ignores because it expects XT codes and maybe AT 
> multibyte codes. So what I need to do is to add another translation table to 
> said driver to deal with those codes. Hopefully that will make those keys 
> work. Doing the same thing for Xorg will be trivial.
> Talk about an ancient bug.

I was bemused by the comment in pckbd.c:

     * XXX It would perhaps be a better choice to just use AT scan codes
     * and not bother with this.

Is that sensible?



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