Subject: linux emulation
To: None <,>
From: arm <>
List: port-arm
Date: 10/26/2007 05:02:05

Do the arm ports of NetBSD 3.1 support Linux emulation?  I'm interested in 
arm in general and cats in particular. 

Here's what I've gathered: 

1.  The man page for COMPAT_LINUX(8) says arm supports this. 

2. says GENERIC kernel 
enables this by default. 

3.  I tried a statically linked (so I won't have to worry about shared 
libraries yet) Hello World program compiled on Debian Etch, with this 

  Exec format error.  Wrong Architecture. 

4.  objdump and readelf both successfully dissect the file.  objdump can 
even disassemble the file, and correctly identifies it as elf32-littlearm. 

5.  I am running this emulated under gxemul, installed with the images 
mentioned in: 

I start the machine with: 

  gxemul -XEcats -d nbsd_cats.img netbsd.aout-GENERIC.gz 

Thank you in advance for any help/pointers you can provide me! 

  - sam -