Subject: Re: port-shark/22355 [was: Help needed to fix NetBSD/shark]
To: None <>
From: Izumi Tsutsui <>
List: port-arm
Date: 08/04/2007 22:31:58 wrote:

> when it hangs are you able to print the contents of:
> i8259_mask
> spl_mask
> current_mask
> disabled_mask
> current_spl_level
> current_intr_depth

Quick sanity checks in cpu_idle() show:

i8259_mask         = 0x00002c41 or 0x00002ce7 (and more?)
spl_mask           = 0xffff2c5d (== spl_masks[_SPL_CLOCK])
current_mask       = 0x0000d3ba (== all unestablished irqs are disabled)
disabled_mask      = 0x00000000
current_spl_level  = 0
current_intr_depth = 0

So at least spl_mask seems wrong.

dump_spl_masks() shows:
db> reboot 8
boot: howto=00000008 curlwp=0xf24e1d00
current_mask=0000d3ba spl_mask=ffff2c5d
ipl_bio=ffffbfff ipl_net=ffffbfdf ipl_tty=ffffaf5d ipl_vm=ffffaf5d
ipl_audio=ffff2d5d ipl_clock=ffff2c5d ipl_none=ffffffff
spl_mask[0]=ffffffff splsmask[0]=ffffffff
spl_mask[1]=ffffffff splsmask[1]=0000000c
spl_mask[2]=ffffffff splsmask[2]=00000008
spl_mask[3]=ffffbfff splsmask[3]=00000008
spl_mask[4]=ffffbfdf splsmask[4]=00000008
spl_mask[5]=ffffaf5d splsmask[5]=00000000
spl_mask[6]=ffffaf5d splsmask[6]=00000000
spl_mask[7]=ffffaf5d splsmask[7]=00000000
spl_mask[8]=ffff2d5d splsmask[8]=00000000
spl_mask[9]=ffff2c5d splsmask[9]=00000000
spl_mask[10]=ffff2c5d splsmask[10]=00000000
spl_mask[11]=ffff2c5d splsmask[11]=00000000
spl_mask[12]=ffff2c45 splsmask[12]=00000000
(btw spl_mask[foo] should be spl_masks[foo], it seems)

Izumi Tsutsui