Subject: Re: Having trouble building -current for hpcarm
To: Baldur Gislason <>
From: Patrick Welche <>
List: port-arm
Date: 07/22/2007 23:52:46
On Sat, Jul 21, 2007 at 03:15:40PM +0000, Baldur Gislason wrote:
> I fetched src from last night and I'm having
> trouble cross compiling it for hpcarm.
> I ran ./ -U -u -m hpcarm -O /home/baldur/netbsd/obj build

> /machine/intr.h:81: error: expected identifier or '(' before 'do'
> /machine/intr.h:81: error: expected identifier or '(' before 'while'

I just find that odd because

% ident /sys/arch/hpcarm/include/intr.h
     $NetBSD: intr.h,v 1.9 2007/07/01 16:04:57 toshii Exp $
% grep while /sys/arch/hpcarm/include/intr.h

so I wonder which intr.h is being used...