Subject: cyclone vs ABLE [was Re: structuring interrupt machine in ppoea-renovation]
To: Chris Gilbert <>
From: Nick Hudson <>
List: port-arm
Date: 05/11/2007 16:55:19
On Friday 11 May 2007 00:56, Chris Gilbert wrote:
> Toru Nishimura wrote:
> > I'm planning to build 2nd-stage netboot loader to make cats possible
> > to do DHCP/NFS netboot.  The goal is to provide true ELF kernel
> > loading with DDB symbol table and no size limit.


> Is tftp not enough?  I think that ABLE ELF kernels should be able to use
> symbols from the ELF image, I've not looked closely enough to see if the
> ABLE bootloader includes or excludes the symbol table when loading the
> kernel.

ABLE is, well, not very...