Subject: Re: ARM923EJS, which platform is this? ARM 7000 handheld
To: None <>
From: M. Warner Losh <>
List: port-arm
Date: 01/10/2007 15:54:28
In message: <>
            Nicola Liquori <> writes:
: I've discovered these specs:
: 	180 MHz ARM923EJS-based processor

This unit has an MMU.

: 	 16 KB of I-Cache and 8 KB of D-Cache
: 	 5 integrated Ethernet ports with Auto MDIX support
: 	 PCI interface
: 	 Supports up to 16 MB of Flash and 64 MB of SDRAM
: 	 Embedded UART interface for external modem applications
: I've downloaded also the GPL firmware from vendor's site, but it  
: contains a linux kernel and some other stuff.
: I would try to install NetBSD.

You may wish to try to support your board under the ebarm platform.
However, you'll likely need to write the glue to talk to the onboard
devices.  I couldn't find any documentation on htis processor when I
just did a google search, but if you have the Linux source you may
have a chance...


: Which platform fit bests to my router? Any ideas? I'm a unix/bsd  
: system administrator so feel free to talk about technical stuff ;)
: The least but not the last, cpu is CX86202 from conexant.
: Router is SITECOM WL-143.
: Thank you for your help !
: Regards
: Nicola Liquori
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