Subject: Re: Patch: Generic TODR for ARM ports
To: Todd Allan <>
From: Garrett D'Amore <>
List: port-arm
Date: 09/19/2006 11:20:12
Todd Allan wrote:
> Garrett D'Amore wrote:
>> I've created a patch which converts the remaining ARM ports over to
>> generic todr.  (evbarm and hpcarm).
>> As part of this code, I removed the conditional check in common ARM code
>> for this conversion -- since this converts the remaining ports, it is
>> reasonable to unidef the code.
>> I do not have any ARM equipment.  However the change was largely
>> "mechanical", and it should be safe.  I've test compiled all the hpcarm
>> kernels, and I'm compiling most of the evbarm kernels as I write
>> this. I don't expect any problems.
>> I'd appreciate it if folks could review and test these changes, and if
>> the relevant port-masters or responsible parties can indicate to me when
>> it is safe to commit the changes.
> ...
> I used this patch to teach me how to convert a new evbarm board (the
> code for which will be submitted for review Real Soon Now), and it
> works fine.  Here's my questions on the patch...
> sys/arch/evbarm/ifpga/pl030_rtc.c: plrtc_attach() does not call
> todr_attach()?
> sys/arch/arm/footbridge/isa/dsrtc.c: dsrtc_write() and dsrtc_read()
> continue to return 1 for success, which the generic TODR code will
> treat as an error return?
> It's a nice improvement, thanks.
> -- 
> TAllan

Thanks for the review.  I've revised the patch, and posted the diffs at

    -- Garrett

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