Subject: Re: Low Power Arm Board
To: Brian Rose <>
From: Jesse Off <>
List: port-arm
Date: 09/16/2006 08:04:56
The board my company manufacturers is the TS-7260 and meets all of your

If you want to order one the boots NetBSD by default, just say so when you
order.  We have SD cards containing a port I did for it.  (Source code to
UART and SD slot are not currently in the NetBSD CVS yet though)

//Jesse Off

> I am looking for a low power ARM based board that can run NetBSD out of
> the box. Ideally It would be a 2 part solution like this...
> 1. Board has the CPU, RAM and SD slot. The CPU boots the kernel off of
> the SD card.
> 2. Interface board with the connectors and widgets.
> The idea is to get a general purpose low power platform for development,
> and then when I need to integrate that into a product, I design a custom
> board and plug in #1. I'd like to keep the cost of #1 to under $200 (in
> 100pc quantities) if possible.
> Also, if a chip has an ARM9 core, how much work is it to port NetBSD to
> it? If I end up designing my own boards, I am looking at some new
> processors that are just coming out.
> Thanks,