Subject: Re: How to build gzboot?
To: None <>
From: Mike Pumford <>
List: port-arm
Date: 09/03/2006 20:23:37
Tom Hansen wrote:

> I did know that directly invoking `make' in the gzboot directory was an 
> option.  What I didn't mention was that I'm doing an arm cross-compile 
> on a Debian box and thus to do a direct `make' involves setting a bunch 
> of environment variables, which you don't have to do when using 
>, which takes care of that automatically.   I was hoping that 
> had an option to build the gzboot stuff itself, so that I 
> wouldn't have to manually set all those environment variables.
Once you have used to build the cross tools you should be able 
to use the nbmake-xxx wrapper script to invoke make with the right 
environment set up.