Subject: Re: arm board as a thin client
To: Raphael Langerhorst <>
From: Jesse Off <>
List: port-arm
Date: 08/07/2006 10:08:22
On Mon, 7 Aug 2006, Raphael Langerhorst wrote:

> I had a look at the video card, it only supports 640x480, right? But the video
> on the TS-7300 "could" also do 1024x768? Is there a technical difference.

Both cards use the same FPGA video core.  Only differences would be in 
frame buffer and bit blit register addresses.

> And does NetBSD support the TS-7KV on the TS-7200 board?

Not yet.

> Does X11 need wscons? If not, would it be possible to simply start X11 on
> startup and use this (with NetBSD).

I'm not sure.  It would be possible to create X11 support for this 
"chipset" and take advantage of 8MB video memory and bitblts, but this 
hasn't been done or started yet.

> Is there an FPGA load available/planned/... that makes such video modes
> possible?

Nothing planned yet for this in the general product, but we may end up 
doing this for a customer that is commissioning us to do some custom FPGA 
programming for his application yet this summer.

> What video modes are possible with the pre-installed Linux?

640x480 16bpp only.  We have also done a custom FPGA bitstream for a 
customer's QVGA (320x240) LCD.

//Jesse Off