Subject: Re: arm nfs boot uvm_fail error
To: None <>
From: FengXiagen@GMail <>
List: port-arm
Date: 06/04/2006 06:45:31
I am sorry to reply late, 
because I can't use the company email in home.

TO->Richard Earnshaw

>MPcore is (IIRC) an ARMv6K implementation.  NetBSD doesn't really
>support ARMv6 yet (although I have run it on an ARM1136 it wasn't
>particularly stable, since I didn't rework the code for the v6 cache
>layout (VIPT)).

>I think you'll need to address that before you can really get things
>running on this board.

Thanks for your pmap.c support of the arm platform for NetBSD.
Our MPCore NetBSD transplant is based on the arch/evbarm/integrator which you had contributed.
We have considered the difference of cache architecture between ARM11(VIPT) and MPCore(PIPT).
We really left the cache support code untouched till now. 
But it successfully boots from RAMDISK rootfs with only one core , serial and NIC.
In the RAMDisk rootfs, the init and sh is running properly and We can set IP with ifconfig,
and get the ICMP response from the MPCore EB.

We will look into the cache support soon.

TO->Toru Nishimura
>My guess is that the error cause is rather simple; the initial address space layout
>is mashed.  My experience shows that porting NetBSD/arm is as easy as to
>complete initarm(); no change necessary for other parts.  Most errors come from
>the lack of understanding about they way how the target ARM SoC address layout is 
>adapted for NetBSD, in particular, where RAM paddr resides and where DEV registers
>are vaddr'ed.

You are right, The biggest work we have done is in initarm function.
We will review these code again to find something.
As I said before the same initarm function is used in RAMDISK and NFSboot.
Why it can success to run the /sbin/init in RAMDISK rootfs,
but fail to run the /sbin/init in NFS rootfs.

Best Regards