Subject: Re: arm nfs boot uvm_fail error
To: FengXiagen@Kobe <>
From: Richard Earnshaw <>
List: port-arm
Date: 06/02/2006 16:28:58
On Fri, 2006-06-02 at 13:43, FengXiagen@Kobe wrote:
> Hi,everyone.
> I am trying to boot MPCore EB which has 4 arm core from nfs root file
> system.
> That is to say I want to boot this arm board diskless.
> The nfs root file system sucessfully booted the Armadillo-9 Board,
> So the root file system and the configuration is ok for the evbarm platform.
> But MPCore EB fail to boot from this nfs server.
> We try to boot the MPCore in the following steps:
> 1.Download the nfs netbsd image to the MPCore board by RealView ICE  to
> 0x00200000
> 2.go 0x00200000 
> 3.The NIC is working and sending the nfs request to the nfs server(We verify
> it by using tcpdump to watch the nfs packets)
> 4.The kernel goes wrong at sys/kern/kern_exec.c execve1 function with
> path="/sbin/init"

MPcore is (IIRC) an ARMv6K implementation.  NetBSD doesn't really
support ARMv6 yet (although I have run it on an ARM1136 it wasn't
particularly stable, since I didn't rework the code for the v6 cache
layout (VIPT)).

I think you'll need to address that before you can really get things
running on this board.