Subject: RE: ifconfig make sqphy down for ever
To: None <>
From: FengXiagen@Kobe <>
List: port-arm
Date: 05/30/2006 17:07:20
Hi, Toru Nishimura

> > > I will refer to some Linux source and fix it.
> Have you look at the heart chilling comment at the bottom of
> dev/mii/sqphy.c?  Your symptom is related with it more-or-less.
I have read the comment but that is not my case.

> You're another causality.  I've read somewhere LAN9118 is cheaper
> than SMsC 91C111 indeed.
> I did the same and concluded that the HW does not behave as described
> in SMsC manuals, ANs and even Linux source code.
As you said, the behave of the HW is wired really.
My Japanese workmate Ohsaki had solved it by comment out the following line
        bus_space_write_2(bst, bsh, RECV_CONTROL_REG_W, RCR_SOFTRESET);
at the beginning part of the smc91cxx_init function in file
It looks like the high value in RCR_SOFTRESET
(The Soft RESET bit in Receive Control Register at Bank0 will prevent this
card from being brought up, Why?)
LAN91C111 is working now.
I will try other methods to solve this if there is time.

Thanks a lot again.

Feng Xiagen