Subject: Port to Archos PMA430?
To: None <>
From: Joe Hodge <>
List: port-arm
Date: 04/10/2006 21:02:07
I'd be interested in seeing a port to the Archos PMA430.  I've used NetBSD on 
(SPARC, ALPHA, i386) at various times, and think it would be a great fit for 
this device.

For those who don't know, the PMA 430 is a handheld device with a TI OMAP CPU, 
64 MB RAM, 30GB HDD, DSP hardware for MP3 and MPEG4 playback/recording, WiFi, 
USB, a touchscreen, etc.  It is delivered from Archos running Linux/Qtopia, 
and a dev. kit is available.  Originally, it would only boot Archos-signed OS 
images, but that has been "fixed" by a firmware hack.

I'd like to see NetBSD support for:

1.  Basic OS
2.  Support for all onboard devices (display, touchscreen, WiFi, etc.)
3.  Support for Media apps (via Linux binary compat is fine)
4.  Pkgsrc
5.  X ( an X -> Qtopia server has been written for the Sharp Zaurus, I 
believe )
6.  Custom DSP code for new CODECS, SDL, etc.  (I can dream, right?)

If anybody who thinks they can really do this is interested, I'm willing to 
put my money where my mouth is, and buy a device for the project to lend to a 

More information on the PMA430 is available at:

If interested, please contact, with
"PMA430-netbsd" in the subject.

If this is not the right forum, I apologize, and request a pointer to the 
proper place.