Subject: Shark Firmware Distribution
To: None <>
From: Peter Froehlich <>
List: port-arm
Date: 03/01/2006 10:06:56
Hi all,

In my quest to learn more about firmware updates for my Shark, I 
followed the FAQ [1] which recommended contacting Chris at for more information. Turns out that Chris is *not* 
distributing the firmware anymore, here's a snippet from his reply 
(current email address elided):

> 	Date: 	March 1, 2006 00:34:20 EST
> 	To:
> I stopped distributing shark firmware ... some time no later than
> 2002, after people interested in downloading it repeatedly abused the
> web site on which i was hosting it.  (I thought I sent some mail to
> the NetBSD lists about that, but on looking just now I couldn't find
> it.)
> If you could let the faq people know that their faq is wrong, that'd 
> be great.
> sorry,
> chris

So FAQ maintainer take note: Please update that piece of 
(mis-)information! :-)

This leads to the question of where to get the firmware updates these 
days? If you have copies of those updates, I am more than willing to 
(a) host them and (b) start contacting whoever currently owns the 
rights to this stuff to ensure that they *can* indeed be distributed. 
While (a) is trivial, any hints about how to approach (b) would be very 
much appreciated.

Heck, even the source code to the firmware should be released, right? 
This is "ancient" technology which is important for geeks like us, but 
I doubt there's any commercial value left...


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