Subject: NetBSD 3.0 kernel for 16MB TS-7200
To: None <>
From: Ryan Cresawn <>
List: port-arm
Date: 01/13/2006 20:47:24
Jesse and others,

I need to know where I can acquire a NetBSD 3.0 kernel for the 16MB
version of the TS-7200.  I know a kernel for this hardware exists at
the URL below, but I don't believe it is built from the NetBSD 3.0

The date on the above file is Oct 19 2005---prior to the release of
NetBSD 3.0.

Of course, my assumption that I will need a different kernel for the
16MB TS-7200 than is needed for the 8MB version may be outdated.
Please correct me if I'm wrong.  Also, I'm willing to attempt a
cross-compile of a kernel for the 16MB TS-7200 if I had some
instructions on how to go about it.  I have compiled custom kernels
for i386 and sparc64 but never in a cross-compile environment.  I have
never compiled an evbarm kernel.