Subject: Re: question regarding an IQ80321 based board
To: None <>
From: Diana Eichert <>
List: port-arm
Date: 12/22/2005 08:30:47
On Wed, 21 Dec 2005, Allen Briggs wrote:

> Just to be clear, the IQ80321 is a specific board from Intel designed
> for people to evaluate the 80321 I/O Processor, also known as the
> IOP321.  TeamASA has also made a few boards based on the IOP321
> and the IOP310 (an Intel XScale 80200 CPU + 80310 I/O coprocessor).
> So Diana's "IQ80321 based board" could mean a board based on the
> IQ80321 design or could mean a board based on the IOP321, which
> might or might not look much like the IQ80321 or one of TeamASA's
> boards.

thanks for clarifying.  The reason I labeled as such was the use of
this phrase inside the TEAMASA_NPWR_FC kernel config, "#       TeamASA
NPWR-FC, i80321-based SBC".  FWIW the TEAMASA_NPWR_FC kernel will not
build as it references an include file, "arch/evbarm/conf/std.npwr_fc",
that does not exist.

> The IQ31244 is another board from Intel that showcases both the
> IQ80321 and the GD(?)31244 SATA controller.  That shares some code
> with the IQ80321 in NetBSD, but also has a little code of its own
> (mainly PCI mapping and support for an on-board CF slot).
> -allen

I've also used the IQ31244 kernel config as a reference in my endeavor.