Subject: Re: Few questions about the TS-7200
To: Ken Hornstein <>
From: Jesse Off <>
List: port-arm
Date: 12/16/2005 12:17:25
> Following up on the flash chip ....
> I figured with an 8MB flash chip, there would be plenty of room,  But it
> turns out that a lot of the chip is taken up by a JFFS2 filesystem, which
> I guess is the reason that gzboot is being used.  Since NetBSD doesn't
> support JFFS2, is it possible to simply use that space on the flash chip
> instead of having to fit the kernel between the filesystem and RedBoot?
> (I know from the TS-7200 manual that the first sector is a boot block, so
> clearly that's out).  It's just that I don't feel up to writing a JFFS2
> implementation, that's all :-/

RedBoot has ~2 megabytes of space on the TS-7200 for the FIS.  There is no
requirement that you use a JFFS2 filesystem for the rest of the flash--  
thats just what
the demo version of Linux that comes preinstalled on the board uses it for 
by default.
It just so happens the FIS space in redboot is a convenient place for a 
NetBSD gzimg.
(Now I just wish gzimg's would enable the L1 ARM caches so uncompressing the 
wouldn't take so dang long...)

//Jesse Off