Subject: Re: Few questions about the TS-7200
To: None <>
From: Ken Hornstein <>
List: port-arm
Date: 12/16/2005 13:27:40
>Yes, NetBSD is in need of a driver for the flash chip.  Despite the relative 
>largeness of the Linux "MTD" subsystem, NOR flash chips really aren't that 
>complicated.  The flash chips have no IRQ so you could actually just open & 
>mmap() /dev/mem to erase and rewrite a new kernel within NetBSD userspace if 
>thats your only requirement.  Indeed it would be nice to have a block driver 
>for the flash chip though...

Following up on the flash chip ....

I figured with an 8MB flash chip, there would be plenty of room,  But it
turns out that a lot of the chip is taken up by a JFFS2 filesystem, which
I guess is the reason that gzboot is being used.  Since NetBSD doesn't
support JFFS2, is it possible to simply use that space on the flash chip
instead of having to fit the kernel between the filesystem and RedBoot?
(I know from the TS-7200 manual that the first sector is a boot block, so
clearly that's out).  It's just that I don't feel up to writing a JFFS2
implementation, that's all :-/

It took me a while to find the tools necessary to build a gzimg kernel.
One thing: the Makefile in the distrib directory that builds gzimg kernels
wants to do use this:

	/usr/src/toolXXX.NetBSD-3.0-RC6/bin/nbcat (I think)

to concatenate the gzbootblock and the compressed kernel together.  I guess
this is for cross-compiling?  Am I supposed to have this program?  I changed
it to just use "cat" and it worked fine.  Is there another program that's
supposed to build this image?  I didn't see anything obvious.