Subject: Re: Few questions about the TS-7200
To: Ken Hornstein <>
From: Jesse Off <>
List: port-arm
Date: 12/14/2005 13:56:16
> - The install documentation for evbarm/TS7200 seems to be missing a few
>  pieces, and has a few typos in it.  Specifically .... the kernel name
>  to place on the flash is "gzimg_TS7200_flash_0x60660000", but it's
>  really "gzimg_TS7200_wd0_flash_0x60660000".  That's a minor thing,
>  and I could fix that in the INSTALL document if no-one minds.

By all means go for it!

Theres probably more than just typos that could be improved upon in that 

>  Several suggestions are made to look at the RedBoot documentation ...
>  I did try to find it, but I couldn't find anything that corresponded
>  exactly to the version that the TS-7200 uses.  For example: I was
>  trying to figure out how to set the gateway IP address for RedBoot.
>  "ip_address" sets the IP address, netmask, and "default server", but
>  doesn't seem to have a way to set the default gateway.  The RedBoot
>  documentation I saw on the web mentions a "-d" option to configure a
>  DNS server, but that doesn't exist in the TS-7200's RedBoot.

The command you're looking for is "fconfig".  There are no significant 
differences in RedBoot on the TS-7200 other than the fact its a version of 
RedBoot built from sources from around this time last year.

>  I admit that these are minor things; I was able to get NetBSD up and
>  running without too many problems, but I just wanted to mention them.
> - RedBoot boots the kernel from the flash.  Am I right that the only way
>  to update this kernel is to load it in from another system via
>  RedBoot?  (I see RedBoot can load from the CF card, but I suspect
>  that's only EXT2).  Has anyone tried putting a traditional boot block
>  into flash and booting from that?  I suppose writing a driver for the
>  flash might be a way around this.

Correct.  I typically use either TFTP or HTTP as RedBoot is capable of both. 
Loading a kernel from the CF card does require an ext2 filesystem.  I think 
RedBoot will also accept kernels via zmodem serial, but I personally have 
not tried that.

Yes, NetBSD is in need of a driver for the flash chip.  Despite the relative 
largeness of the Linux "MTD" subsystem, NOR flash chips really aren't that 
complicated.  The flash chips have no IRQ so you could actually just open & 
mmap() /dev/mem to erase and rewrite a new kernel within NetBSD userspace if 
thats your only requirement.  Indeed it would be nice to have a block driver 
for the flash chip though...

//Jesse Off