Subject: Re: change proposal sys/arch/arm/ep93xx
To: None <>
From: HAMAJIMA Katsuomi <>
List: port-arm
Date: 10/19/2005 12:55:24
>>I port NetBSD to an EP9315-based board.  And I want to some changes of
>> sys/arch/arm/ep93xx.
> Great!  Is this board available for purchase?  Links?

The name of this board is Armadillo-9. Atmark Techno Inc in Japan
developed it. Product and distributer information is written by the
following link.

>> A. order priority of attaching device (attach.diff)
>> MAC address is stored in seeprom via GPIO(I^2C) on this board. I want
>> to find GPIO more before than epe0.
> I wrote the epe driver for the TS-7200 board.  This board has the MAC set by 
> the RedBoot firmware and IIRC, I just leave the value untouched.  Just keep 
> in mind if you overwrite the MAC using some method specific to your board, 
> it will break the TS-7200 unless you make sure it happens only for your 
> board.

Yes, I think epe.c is MI. I am setting the MAC address in platform
depended code.

>> B. modify MDCDIV (mdcdiv.diff)
>> MDCDIV is fixed with 32 in epe.c.  I want to change it in config file.
> Yes, this is a conservative, slow clock, but I don't think anything really 
> speed-critical happens with that clock, why do you think it needs to be sped 
> up/modified?  A faster clock actually causes problems with the Micrel PHY on 
> the TS-7200.  Anyway, your change to make it a #define is harmless, but like 
> Martin suggested, making it a #define draws more attention to it in source 
> code so it probably needs a good comment about what exactly it is. (MII 
> management clock divisor)

Linux runs on Armadillo-9, and that source code is attached to a
I did not work it with a same value as TS-7200, so I set MDCDIV value
written in linux.