Subject: Re: NetBSD support PXA255?
To: Keichii Moto <>
From: Nathan J. Williams <>
List: port-arm
Date: 03/21/2005 11:30:56
Keichii Moto <> writes:

> It seems that u-boot cannot recognize NetBSD.
> Does anyone has experience about using u-boot to boot
> NetBSD on pxa255 board? If so, please tell me how to
> do, thanks in advance.

As described elsewhere, you probably need to generate a kernel with a
header that uBoot likes, or you can create a "raw" image with no
header at all and manually pass the boot address. Use this command to
generate the raw image:

objcopy -O binary netbsd netbsd.bin

and then you should be able to use the "go" command to start the
kernel. You'll need to "go" to the (virtual) address that u-boot
loaded the kernel at, and your startup code will need to be careful to
set up the MMU the way the rest of the kernel wants.

        - Nathan