Subject: Re: NetBSD support PXA255?
To: Keichii Moto <>
From: Kamal R. Prasad <>
List: port-arm
Date: 03/10/2005 05:26:57
Pl. reply only to port-arm as I do not want 2 copies
of your email.

--- Keichii Moto <> wrote:
> Kamal R. Prasad wrote:
> > Yes -it does. I have it running at my end. But
> > depending on the board settings, you may have to
> > modify the lubbock bootstrap code a bit.
> You mean I should change lubbock_machedep.c and 
> lubbock_start.S? or I just modify lubbock_machdep.c?
> Thanks.
most likely lubbock_machdep.c only. Just create a
seperate directory that is a sibling to lubbock in the
src tree, and see if you can load it or not -and what
problems you have. At the very least, you need to be
sure that ffuart settings are correct, so that your
startup code can print something. BTW -what is the
vendor name of the board which you are trying to


> > regards
> > -kamal
> -kt
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