Subject: Re: BSD on ARM
To: None <>
From: Robert Swindells <>
List: port-arm
Date: 02/11/2005 10:09:02
Jongwoo Han wrote:
>> Hello ARM experts!
>> IS there a reasonable chance of getting BDS running on a Viewsonic View
>> 100? It is reasonably rare beast but a very capable one still.
>> It's basic stats:
>> Processor    206MHz Intel=AE StrongARM=AE SA-1110
>> Operating System   Microsoft Windows CE 3.0=99
>> Memory Flash 32MB
>> SDRAM 128MB
>> Uses CF media for flash (32MB).
>> I think the early version I have runs an older CE (but who cares).
>> Has USB/LAN/IR/PCMCIA and lots of other goodies.
>> Give me a hint if its worth my while?
>> Alex

>There is ARM ports of NetBSD, and what is close to your machine looks
>lik e hpcarm port(Handhelp PC port). Yet it is known to be working on
>only HP Jornada 710 or 540. I think you need to write framebuffer
>drivers and oth er device drivers, since the Viewsonic HPC is
>proprietary device.

The Viewsonic uses the MediaQ MQ200 display controller. There is a
driver under hpcmips for it.

You would need to find out how PCMCIA power is controlled.

I don't know of a Linux port to it, so it may be hard to find out
more details.

Robert Swindells