Subject: more tested peripherals on the TS-7200
To: None <>
From: Jesse Off <>
List: port-arm
Date: 01/09/2005 15:54:41
Ok, I commited more work for the TS-7200 to NetBSD-current today and was
able to write drivers/test existing support for the following other

* Hitachi HD44780 LCD driver, /dev/tslcd0.  You can just
  echo -n "foo" > /dev/tslcd0, or do more complex manipulations using
  ioctl()'s if you connect an LCD up to the LCD header.  Driver stolen from

* Up to four additional ethernet ports with TS-ETH10 PC/104 daughtercards.
  They're only 10Mb, but you can still get about 1200KB/sec out of them on
  the TS-7200, which is usually plenty for WAN uplinks, wifi bridges, etc.
  There would be no way to fully utilize a 100Mb chip with this hardware or
  on a PC/104 bus.

* PC/104 PCMCIA controllers.  Successfully tested a third-party PC/104
  card today.  Technologic Systems does not sell these, but they are
  available from other sources.

* TS-9600 IDE support.  This is an availble PC/104 board for attaching an
  2.5" or full-size hard drive.

I've been trying to get a VGA card working, but most VGA cards present a
x86 DOS BIOS extension to properly initialize them, which can't really be
executed on ARM.

//Jesse Off