Subject: Re: -pmap initlialization
To: None <>
From: Kamal R. Prasad <>
List: port-arm
Date: 01/07/2005 02:52:21
--- Richard Earnshaw <> wrote:
> One more thought.
> Your PC is set to the correct kernel VA by the time
> you enter initarm() 
> isn't it?  That is, you have set up a preliminary
> page table mapping in 
> your bootstrap code and done an appropriate jump
> (not pc-relative) to VA 
> addresses.  One way to tell would be to pass
> __builtin_return_address(0) 
> to printf.  The value must be in KVA space not
> physical space.  If it 
> isn't then you'll die when you switch to the real
> page tables.
> R.
It is in the virtual address space and is 0xc0200094
I believe the L1 table has been setup correctly my
pmap_map_chunk() which prints to the console on
bootup. When we switch to the L1 table, it seems to go
for a toss. Can we trap the instructions that execute
after a tlb has been invalidated? Why won't the
processor throw an exception if it reads invalid data
in the L1 cache? Im stuck in the sense there is no
debug mechanism for me to find out why its hanging.
Can I insert some code to be executed after the
translation buffer has been invalidated (irrespective
of its contents)?



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