Subject: Re: mods for proposed port 'tsarm' (now committed)
To: None <>
From: Toru Nishimura <>
List: port-arm
Date: 12/27/2004 12:03:35
Jesse Off said;

> Okay.  I've just committed this as a sub-port to evbarm called "tsarm". 
> On-board and on-chip peripherals are mostly supported.  There is work
> still to be done:
>  *) block disk driver for onboard strataflash (?)

I have been considering to make NOR/NAND device driver to offer any
kind of filesys for long time.   Some embed Linux products in market have
field upgrade facility.   The most sophisticated one I've ever seen provides
special FTP/TFTP demon inside which can write received new operating
code into mmaped NOR storage and resets the hardware when completed.

Toru Nishimura/ALKYL Technology