Subject: Re: Problem with fxp network card on an Intel IXDP425 board
To: Christophe Gouault <>
From: Steve Woodford <>
List: port-arm
Date: 03/05/2004 11:28:37
On Friday 05 March 2004 10:59 am, Christophe Gouault wrote:

> I'm trying to boot NetBSD on an Intel IXDP425 board.
> I use the Intel PRO/100+ NIC shipped with the board (connected on PCI
> slot 0).
> Boot processes correctly but I never gain access to the login prompt:
> the fxp NIC keeps displaying the following error message:
> fxp0: WARNING: SCB timed out!
> Any idea of what is happening and what to do ?

There are two problems with NetBSD-current's PCI support on IXP425:

1) It always maps PCI memory regions into the IXP425's prefetchable 
window, even if the PCI BAR says it needs a non-prefetch mapping.

2) The bus_dma(9) back-end cannot handle more than 64MB of SDRAM. 
Specifically, it does not use bounce-buffers for DMA requests which 
fall outside the 64MB PCI->SDRAM window.

You could try hard-coding 'bootconfig.dram[0].pages' to 64MB in 
ixdp425_machdep.c to see if you're falling foul of 2). If it still 
fails to boot, then 1) is more likely.

Cheers, Steve

Steve Woodford
Wasabi Systems, Inc.