Subject: FW: LKM Support for ARM?
To: '' <>
From: McGranaghan, Sean <>
List: port-arm
Date: 03/01/2004 11:52:30
(I was asked to resubmit this in text-only format....)

Hello all,

I sent an email out a couple weeks ago asking about LKM support on arm
platforms. Just checking in to see if there has been any progress with the
'ld segfault' issue. I will try to debug it further myself when time allows.
Here is the original question:

	I have been trying to build a simple LKM under evbarm. 
	When I use modload to load a skeleton driver ld segfaults: 

	"ld -R /dev/ksyms -e fibo_lkmentry -o /tmp/fibo -Ttext 0x0
	/tmp/fibo.o [1] Segmentation fault (core dumped) ld -R /dev/ksyms...
	modload: can't prelink 'fibo.o' creating 'fibo'

After searching the archives I found several emails and a bug report that
mentions issues with LKM's for evbarm. Issue # port-arm:22015 specifically.
What is the current status of LKM's and evbarm? Is this a bug in ld?