Subject: Getting a kernel panic dump back (or not)
To: None <>
From: Richard Earnshaw <>
List: port-arm
Date: 01/09/2004 10:04:34
Hmm, so I've just hand my shark panic again with the same panic as point 2 
in pr port-arm/23581 :-(

This time, however, on typing sync at the ddb prompt it paniced again (not 
too unusual).  However, on typing reboot it then managed to do a full dump 
(or at least, it went through the motions of doing so).

So I was somewhat disappointed to find that on reboot, savecore announced 
that there was nothing to be found :-(

Anyway, I've DD'ed my entire swap partition (there may be something 
there).  Does anyone have any ideas on how to extract the kernel dump from 
it?  Better still, does anyone know how to make savecore do its job