Subject: Naive Machine Question...
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List: port-arm
Date: 12/19/2003 13:16:15
Hi there!

I just subscribed here after already "confusing" the mac68k and 
mips/cobalt port lists for years. :-) I am a lecturer (at UC Riverside 
right now) and I frequently teach compiler construction. I am in the 
process of setting up a little "machine park" with various obscure 
processors for my students to target, and since I want a consistent 
environment on these boxes, I have settled on NetBSD as "the" OS for 
all of them.

With my mips/cobalt machine coming along nicely and the mac68k machine 
being in process as well, I am now starting to look into "other" RISC 
machines. I have considered alpha, but for some reason the ARM stuff 
seems "cuter" right now, so I plan to focus on that next.

Sorry for the long intro, but maybe it helps. :-)

The "naive question" I am about to pose is what kind of ARM machine I 
should try to get my hands on? Just in terms of looks I think the 
Digital DNARD or the NetWinder would be nice, but there seem to be very 
few available out there (at least on

Are there any other "decent" ARM boxes that are easier to get, and that 
can be used at least by, say, 10 students at the same time? I don't 
plan on letting them run GCC, just assemble/link/run the code their 
compiler generates, so the load should not be too high. An ethernet 
plug is a must though... All comments welcome! :-)

Sorry for the off-topic issue, and happy holidays,
Peter H. Froehlich <><><><><><>
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