Subject: Re: trying to boot on ADI coyote
To: Steve Woodford <>
From: Franck Baudin <>
List: port-arm
Date: 12/05/2003 08:45:43
Steve Woodford wrote:

>>The problem is that netbsd IXDP425 kernel is configured to be loaded
>>at 0x10200000 (KERNEL_BASE_phys = 0x10200000), and this address is
>>invalid on coyote. So I rebuild netbsd t be loaded at a lower address
>That address *is* valid on the Coyote. At least, my Coyote reports the 
>following on powerup:
>	RAM: 0x10000000-0x12000000, 0x10115668-0x11fdd000 available
>And, in fact, I use 0x10200000 here for KERNEL_BASE_PHYS on the board.
Thanks for your advice : I was not compiling in big endian. But the 
problem still remains : I suppose that my coyote or my redboot 
(preinstalled redboot 1.92) is different than yours.

See my redboot log :
    RedBoot(tm) bootstrap and debug environment [ROM]
    Red Hat certified release, version 1.92 - built 13:56:07, Oct 20 2003
    Platform: ADI Coyote (XScale)
    IDE/Parallel Port CPLD Version: 1.0
    Copyright (C) 2000, 2001, 2002, Red Hat, Inc.
    RAM: 0x00000000-0x04000000, 0x0001f960-0x03fd1000 available

I have 64 MBytes of RAM on my coyote, mapped at 0x0, and you have 
32MBytes of RAM mapped at 256MB (0x10000000) : we must have a different 
redboot (did you tweak your redboot ?), or a different board release 
(mine is "COYOTE 4"), or both ;-)

 From the ADI Hardware Manual :
"The lowest 256 Mbyte of address space is configurable, based on the 
value of a configuration register
located in the expansion-bus controller. When the configuration register 
is set to logic 1, the expansion bus
occupies the lowest 256 Mbyte of address space. When the configuration 
register is set to logic 0, the
SDRAM occupies the lowest 256 Mbyte of address."

It seems that this register has a different value on my board (1) than 
on your board (0).