Subject: Re: HP H5550 handheld support
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-arm
Date: 10/22/2003 06:52:30
Robert Swindells writes:
 > wrote:
 > >Has anyone successfully used NetBSD on the HP iPAQ pocket PC h5550?
 > The short answer is likely to be no.

That's unfortunate.

 > There is support for the PXA255 processor in the tree, but there are
 > no drivers for the H5xxx ASIC.

Is there any work on supporting this?

 > The HP/Compaq/DEC bootldr for iPAQs does support booting NetBSD, but
 > there isn't any one of the NetBSD ports that collects together all the
 > bits that you would need.

Do you know what those bits might be and how difficult it would be do
collect them?

 > Do you want to keep WinCE on it or replace it ?

As a long-time NetBSD user, I'd just as soon replace it.

If the H5550 is not yet supported, what suggestions do you have about
similar handhelds that are supported?

Thanks for your help.